quiet luxury

Our chalets are surrounded by seemingly endless forests. There is a deep bond between humans and some of the mightiest creations of mother earth. The names of our chalets are derived from Celtic tree names.


The four impeccably located chalets are suitable for 2 to 6 people (up to 10 people if required). All houses have a fully equipped, spacious kitchen (consisting of a kitchen, kitchen island and cosy living space with fireplace) with panorama views, 2 bathrooms, 2 restrooms, 2 bedrooms and a panorama sauna within your own wellness area.

The whirlpool on the 50m² terrace is the perfect place to stargaze at night.
Not only can you see but also feel the authentic nature of the Brandlalm in all of our chalets. While designing, great emphasis was placed on natural materials and high-quality equipment.

Adults only

Self Catering


at the Ruis

at the Tinne

Rustic time

at the Duir

at the Beith

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