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We work exclusively with selected regional companies, which we all know very well and we know can offer the highest quality standard. The sustainability of our production and supply chains was and continues to be of utmost importance.

Lavanttaler Holzbau Karlheinz Hasenbichler WEBSITE

"Wood is the dance floor of the soul“

"I was very happy when we were given the opportunity to work on these alpine chalets! This was an incentive for us to build an attractive holiday home with a feel-good character. My philosophy, which I was pretty much born with, is perfect craftsmanship and individuality for natural and extraordinary woodwork. I especially enjoy working with old wood because every piece of wood can already tell its own story. We strive to give the old wood, which has been used in buildings for decades, a new life and create a special flair with a unique structure, colour and texture for people who are looking for something special and original. The respectful handling of material and people, the willingness to develop further and the preservation of old craftsmanship traditions result in a meaningful whole for me. I am always pleased when a processed piece of wood leaves the company and a user enjoys this natural product." The style of our houses ranges from rustic, traditional to modern, practical and one thing applies to both: best living climate and cosiness. We attach particular importance to the processing of regional materials."

Tischlerei Sterling Erwin Sterling WEBSITE

Workshop for living spaces

"We had the wonderful task of providing the appropriate interior design elements to these high-quality chalets. By using the latest technologies like 3D visualisation and virtual reality were able to optimise these exceptional properties in the preliminary planning stage thus creating an extraordinary project. This optimal planning has made it possible to achieve a balanced ratio of storage room and open space. A place to live and feel good. This soothing and harmonious overall picture was created through the use of a few different high-quality materials. Real old spruce wood, brushed and sun-dried, was used as our base material. A natural oil was applied to protect the wood's surface, which still allows the wood to breathe. The kitchen’s deep matt black surface offers a crass contrast to the natural feel around it. The kitchen was equipped with high-quality Miele built-in appliances. The induction hotplate is embedded in a flamed granite worktop and it withstands even the toughest usage. The solid natural wood counter does not only prevents a direct look into the cooking area but also serves as an ideal place to have a glass of wine while cooking together. To support the shared enjoyment of the culinary delights we included a glass wine fridge which refines many a dish with its beautifully displayed contents."

Saunabau Stoff Peter Stoff WEBSITE

The stuff wellness dreams are made of...

"In the saunas, we have installed Styrian stone pine boards of different lengths, widths and thicknesses. To ensure an elegant and modern look, the front and one of the side walls are made of glass. Everything from materials to workers is 100% Styrian. The all-around LED Lighting, the stylish stove with an additional steam function and the elegant control system complete the sauna and were all manufactured here in Austria. The stove is the only German product. Our philosophy is the delivery of high-quality craftsmanship and the use of exclusively high-quality and if possible regional materials. We build all chalets individually according to customer requirements and strive to fulfil every special request. This requires us to have many different variants of wood and electronic devices, some of which we have developed and manufactured ourselves. Our company was established in 1922 and for more than 40 years we have been building saunas. For around 15 years, our range has also included infrared cabins, steam baths and entire wellness facilities for hotels and private individuals."

Dachdeckerei Brunner Gerhard Brunner WEBSITE

Gerhard Brunner and his team make both large and small wishes come true.

„Consultation, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. For this very reason, we have decided to keep the company a manageable size. This ensures quality and also contributes to a pleasant working environment that motivates every employee to develop ideas and bring in their suggestions. This concept has proven itself. We also allow our apprentices to learn the craft of roofing and sheet metal work. The first apprentice at Brunner GmbH was my son Markus, who has now passed the examination for the tinsmith master’s certificate and is actively involved in the company."

Holzer Keramik Norbert Holzer WEBSITE

Norbert Holzer’s products bring well-being into your home.

"Holzer Keramik was founded by my father Franz Holzer in 1981 as a small garage business - today we employ 4 people. We are one of the few companies in Carinthia that still make and set stove tiles ourselves. What makes this craft so special? You create something by hand from raw material clay, which subsequently has a practical use for our customers. Working with ceramics is very versatile and you can let your creativity run free - every product is unique."

Kogler Naturstein Werner Kogler WEBSITE

The Carinthian family company is one of the international leaders in the natural stone sector!

"We offer 30 different European materials through national and international cooperation in all possible forms and variants. For me, the issue of environmental awareness is a top priority, as is strict quality control and perfect service. Tradition and innovation don’t have to contradict each other. Here they flow into each other. This falls among the outstanding characteristics of the company's management. Both in civil engineering and structural engineering, Kogler Naturstein is the epitome of reliability. Our company is able to meet every customer's requirements and ideas.“

Installationstechnik Hartl & Melcher Markus Melcher WEBSITE

High quality in products and execution!

"The family business currently employs 7 people. In addition to quality, employee training is always a priority. Constant training and further education enable us to serve customers with all the latest solutions. The challenge of heating and sanitation at Brandlalm was accepted with great pleasure. We primarily used the quality brands Hans Grohe, Laufen Ceramics and Geberit for the sanitary fittings. Heating and drinking water pipes were exclusively installed by the company Pipelife Austria. As a regional company, we are particularly proud to be part of this project."

Wohnkeramik Pichler Sieglinde Pichler WEBSITE

Customer service is our top priority!

"With our 30 years of experience, Wohnkeramik Pichler is still ready for new and interesting challenges. We are a constantly growing tiling company that operates far beyond Austria's borders. We sell and process tiles, stoneware and mosaics in the contract sector and residential furnishing. On around 300m² of exhibition space, we present market-leading products from countries such as Italy, Spain and Germany. We stand out in particular because of our large selection of products and our price-performance ratio. Our team is characterised by its reliable and high-quality workmanship as well as its competent advice."

Tischlerei Lobnig Günter Lobnig WEBSITE

Highest quality and individual customisation!

"We have been manufacturing high-quality windows, front doors and interior doors for over 45 years. The natural material wood is our first choice. We only process first-class wood. In addition, we value modern and efficient processing and therefore have modern machinery. The use of CNC milling technology allows us to fulfil all your woodworking wishes. One focus point of our joinery in the district of Völkermarkt is the production of high-quality natural wood windows and interior doors made of larch, oak or sun-dried old wood. This is a real Carinthian master craft that creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Every window, every door is unique.“



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